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Aisako Miyu, April 2012 in AKIHABARA Backstage pass

AKB48's Katono Mizuho

Aisako Miyu (愛迫みゆ) is a Japanese pop singer. She is currently a member of Lovely Doll.

She is a former AKB48 member as a seventh generation Kenkyuusei under the name Katono Mizuho. She joined AKB48 on December 20, 2008, but graduated on June 9, 2009 after suffering from lower back and throat pain. Aisako is also a former first generation AKIHABARA Backstage pass member.


  • Name: Aisako Miyu (愛迫みゆ)
  • Previous Name: Katono Mizuho (上遠野瑞穂)
  • Nickname: Miitan (みーたん)
  • Birthdate: November 30, 1991 (1991-11-30) (age 30)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 156cm
  • Hobbies: Singing, collecting clothes, collecting beauty products, Kpop

Participated In[]

Lovely Doll[]

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  • [2012.05.22] GO!! MY WISH!!/LOVE&PEACE
  • [2013.02.05] Bitterchocolate valentine (ビターチョコ・バレンタイン)
  • [2013.06.18] Paradise in the Summer
  • [2013.12.18] Aoi sora o nozomunara

AKB48 Stage Units[]

RS2 (Idol no Yoake)

  • Tengoku Yarou


  • She likes Kpop.
  • She likes chocolate ice cream.
  • Her favorite sports are dancing, tennis, and snowboarding.
  • Her favorite game is Mario Kart.
  • Her favorite words are "daisuki" (big love), "kawaii" (cute) and "arigatou" (thank you).
  • Ever since childhood, she wanted to become a singer.
  • She was an AKB48 7th Generation Kenkyuusei from December 20, 2008 to June 9, 2009.
  • While in AKB48, her name was Katono Mizuho (上遠野瑞穂).
  • She left AKB48 because she was experiencing lower back and throat pain, and it was her doctors recommendation to leave.
  • Her image color in Lovely Doll is pink.

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